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are you where you thought you’d be in life by now?

"Nope. I thought I’d be in NY by this summer last year, working my entry level job in order to kick start my career, but it’s crazy how the universe throws this that and the third at you and straight up changes everything. The universe has other plans for me. And it’s this path I’m taking and I’m okay with that now. Everything will fall in its place sooner or later." - olivia

i don’t think anyone believes in me as purely as you do. one of the many things i love you for. you’re consistently the best, always around when i need. all i want is to see you continue to prosper brolivia. #hero #idol #bro #friend #beloved #PeopleNeverGetTheFlowersWhileTheyCanStillSmellThem #pngtfwtcsst #fashion #styldby #styleblog
"he who asserts his own views is not #distinguished; figure out the #rhythm of life and live in #harmony with it." - #laotzu

i’m not #religious, not an #atheist either. both sides seem to have certainty without irrefutable proof, maybe i’m an #apatheist(which means i don’t give a shit either way) and that’s life right? we all parrot what we feel is the truth, based on pride and ego. even me saying that is some form of something i’ve heard and then made my truth. i don’t think my opinions and beliefs aren’t better than anyone else’s(i know they are). i just like to think, talk and be heard just like you. #calvinandhobbes

my workout

"If you always put limit on everything you do, #physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - #brucelee

I’ve been combining my #martialarts professor’s regimen, with what I can do so far from bruce lee’s, with everyday #exercises. Here is the result from about a month back.

I try not to count reps, but I make sure I at least do no less than what’s listed below, increasing my weight each month:

Warm up: Hour traditional mediation, Tai Chi, various Martial Arts drills


- 5 x 10 shoulder fly
- 5 x 10 barbell shoulder press
- 5x 10 seated rear-deltoids fly
- 5 x 10 incline push ups
- 5 x 10 handstand push ups


- 5 x 10 bench press with barbell
- 5 x 10 bench press with dumbbell
- 5 x 10 pectoral fly
- 5 x 10 incline chest press
- triple clap, knuckle, diamond, fly up, push-ups until I can’t.


- 6 x 10 upright rows
- 6 x 10 freestanding barbell lat pull downs
- 6 x 10 reverse fly
- 6 x 10 dead lift


- 5 x 10 crunches
- 5 x 10 bicycle crunches
- 5 x 10 slow leg raise
- scorpion, frog, one legged, plank until I can’t

Legs(weighted or non):

- frog leaps
- one leg squatted leaps up and down stairs
- weighed squats
- hill sprints
- Using a four- foot long board with a shoulder harness strapped in the middle. To begin, assume a fighting stance on the board and place the harness around your neck. Exerting a constant upward pressure, lean forward and then lean back. (Do 3 sets of 1 minute. As you improve, increase your time.)


- 7 x 10 triceps dip, weighted dips
- close in, wide, one arm, pull ups until I can’t
- muscle ups until I can’t
- 15 x 10 dumbbell punches
- 10 x 10 overhand, underhand barbell push
- 2 x 25 one-hand dumbbell drill, moving wrists up and down
- 2 x 25 one-hand dumbbell drill, move wrists side to side as far as you can

Isometrics: (punching power)

- 5 x 5 (for each arm): Using a jump rope, a karate belt or a strand of rope. To begin, assume a fighting stance and hold the rope in both hands. Place your left hand behind your back, wrap the other end around your shoulder and throw a short-range punch. Hold it for 5 seconds, extend your punch to ¾ distance, hold it for 5 seconds, extend it to full range and hold.

Bull Worker:

- 5 x 3 Assume a fighting stance, hold the bow straps in each hand, and throw as many punches as you can, as fast as you can. Throw back fists or straight punches.

Hand Isometric Drills(forearms):

5 x 3 Using a four- foot long board, assume a fighting stance on the board, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, wrap the straps around your forearms and exert pressure upward. (Don’t rest more than one minute between sets.)

Warm down: Yoga, various Martial arts drills #fitness