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"bitch toughen up! if my words hurt you, you’ve got bigger issues than you know." - @rupaulofficial on #marcmaron’s #wtfpodcast 

bromantic moment with dylan. realizing we had a mutual idol in rupaul.
what’s wrong with the world today and how would you fix it?:

"Wow. What a question. There are so many places I could go with this, but due to many recent events, I’d say inequality. It spans race, sex, age. As far as fixing it…uhm. No clue. But the problem is systemic, so a start could be an unravelling of the system that perpetuates it’s causes." - jonathan

what’s awesome is that when i met jonathan it was like reconnecting with an old homie i grew up with. we jumped right back into reminiscing about Martin episodes, candy we weren’t supposed to be eating and black mom punishments. here is something awesome and rare these days. not only is he great at his profession which is also his passion, he’s got that insane work ethic that pisses you off and he’s still in love with what he does. now i have this new/old friend to chill with whenever i stop being lazy and get to NY. and oh yeah, today is his birthday so.. happy bir’day plair!! 

(photo by @sarahholmes) #HeWantsADanceOff #HeWillLose #NoOneCanSeeMe #NoMercyEvenOnHisBirthday #BeyonceIsMyOnlyCompetition  #design #friends #weshoulddoitall #wsdia #architecture #graphicdesign #pngtfwtcsst #peoplenevergettheflowerswhiletheycanstillsmellthem #hero #idol #mypeople #thepeopleiknow #inspiration #intellectual
Do you believe in god, why or why not?: 

“I believe in God because Beyonce exists. Just kidding. In truth, I believe in the mystery, scope, and depth of the universe. I think there are so many aspects of the universe that I could never comprehend because they are so far beyond my understanding and/or what scientific discovery might allow, which is why I could never argue the existence of a higher power. Is that higher power God? Maybe, maybe not. There’s no rational theory to confirm or deny this type of omnipresent energy – abstract or otherwise. Although, I do believe people need religion for entirely different reasons, unrelated to this question.” - Emma.

i often see Emma as “the brightest bulb in the bunch”. her intellect is my go to when i want to pontificate about the worlds issues, relationship crap and just general comedic banter. i heard somewhere that, in life you always find people that you’re supposed to bond with, create a strange life long friendship with. i believe i’ve found that in Emma. #friend #idol #hero #intellectuals #intellectual #beloveds #beloved #mypeople #pngtfwtcsst #peoplenevergettheflowerswhiletheycanstillsmellthem
are you where you thought you’d be in life by now?

"Nope. I thought I’d be in NY by this summer last year, working my entry level job in order to kick start my career, but it’s crazy how the universe throws this that and the third at you and straight up changes everything. The universe has other plans for me. And it’s this path I’m taking and I’m okay with that now. Everything will fall in its place sooner or later." - olivia

i don’t think anyone believes in me as purely as you do. one of the many things i love you for. you’re consistently the best, always around when i need. all i want is to see you continue to prosper brolivia. #hero #idol #bro #friend #beloved #PeopleNeverGetTheFlowersWhileTheyCanStillSmellThem #pngtfwtcsst #fashion #styldby #styleblog

pilot: racism, social networking, idiocracy, stupid people, vegans, and other shit.

"The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth." - #laotzu 

do people think “positive” always means nice? to me being #positive is living #balanced. like a #tiger has to kill to eat, live and feed it’s kids. that’s positive but #balanced. or like a #comic, we often endure #tragedy, find the humor in it, and deliver it in a way to make you sensitive assholes cope and laugh at it. you’re welcome.
"he who asserts his own views is not #distinguished; figure out the #rhythm of life and live in #harmony with it." - #laotzu

i’m not #religious, not an #atheist either. both sides seem to have certainty without irrefutable proof, maybe i’m an #apatheist(which means i don’t give a shit either way) and that’s life right? we all parrot what we feel is the truth, based on pride and ego. even me saying that is some form of something i’ve heard and then made my truth. i don’t think my opinions and beliefs aren’t better than anyone else’s(i know they are). i just like to think, talk and be heard just like you. #calvinandhobbes